//What is the definition of 'méraki' ? 'Méraki' means to create something driven by passion and care to detail. This exact word, I must say, describes the work and effort put into LeatherTwist's handmade leather products and designs. All of them are created locally, in our atelier in Thessaloniki, Greece and are all crafted with exceptional care to detail. The brand was founded in May 2018 in Thessaloniki, by the owners and creative directors Maria Zogka and Michalis Varvantakis. Each 'LeatherTwist' product is unique and will highlight the style of each woman by transforming any casual outfit to an all-day casual chic ensemble. The 'LeatherTwist' products, as their name implies, will give a 'twist' (not only leather-wise but also in terms of fashion) to each and every one of your outfits...And a touch of luxury and elegance is what we need, especially during these tough times to make us feel special - for us but also for outfits and attitudes. #leathertwist

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  • CALLISTO Leather Belt